Welcome to Adding Fractions. When you are adding fractions, the most important thing is to find the common denominator. Here is an example on how to complete below.

Step 1-Place fractions above one another.

Add Frac 1

Step 2-Find the common denominator. You may use a T-Chart to help you. You are finding the lowest number that 3 and 6 can both fit into.

Add Frac 2

Step 3-After you have found the common denominator (least), you will need to compare it to the previous one. For the fraction 5/6, 6 was the least common denominator. Therefore, 6 would fit into 6 (6 divided by 6), one time. You would then multiply the numerator above times one (5x1).

For the fraction 2/3, the least common denominator would also be 6. The 3 would fit into 6 (6 divided by 3), two times. You would then multiply the numerator above times two (2x2) .

Add Frac 3

Step 4-Now you will put the two fractions side-by-side. You will add the two numerators (4+5) and get 9 as the final numerator. The 6 for the denominator will remain the same.

Add Frac 4

Step 5-Although your answer will be 9/6, you will also need to know how to convert into a mixed fraction. The first thing that you do is see how many times your denominator can go into your numerator without going over. In this case, 6 can only go into 9 once. The one would be your whole number.

Add Frac 5

Step 6-You will then multiply the whole number times the denominator. Write the answer to the left of the fraction and circle it. Your answer should be 6.

Add Frac 6

Step 7-Your denominator will not change. It remains a 6 in this problem.

Add Frac 7

Step 8-Subtract the numerator (9) from the number to the left that you circled when you multiplied the whole number times the denominator. The numerator in your mixed fraction would be 3.

Add Frac 8

Try some on your own.

1.) 4/6 + 1/2 = ___________________

2.) 2/8 + 3/4 = ___________________

3.) 5/12 + 2/6 = __________________

4.) 3/4 + 5/6 = ____________________

5.) Three and three fourths plus One and one third = ______________________

6.) Two and one half plus One and two fourths = _______________