Chapter 5

Nardell’s Admirer

The boys hurried past the long line of kids as Billy pulled his shell down to cover up the gaping hole in his pants.

“Billy, where did you get the cool undies?” Nardell jokingly asked as they walked down the hall.

“I was running late to school this morning and just grabbed the first pair I could find in the laundry basket.” Billy answered.

“I bet if you shined a flashlight on your butt in the dark, it would make your room light up like a disco ball.” Gary chimed in as the three laughed down the hall.

When the boys entered the nurse’s office, Mr. Stine looked up from his desk, “What are you supposed to be, a hamburger?”

“No sir, I’m a turtle”

“Oh okay, I get it know. I see the shell. Well, what seems to the problem guys?”

Billy looked down at the floor and muttered, “I split my pants.”

“Ah it can’t be that bad.” Mr. Stine said with encouragement. “Turn around and let me check it out.”

Billy slowly turned to show him. “Holy mother of Mayonaise, there is someone in there!” Mr. Stine said as he curled up in a ball against the wall.

Gary and Nardell tried to hold in their laughs, but couldn’t. Even Billy had a smile on his face.

“No one is in my pants. It’s just a picture of Zelia the princess on my underwear.”

Mr. Stine hopped to his feet. “I’m not even going to ask why you are wearing those.” He said as he headed into the storage room to grab a new pair of pants.

He returned shortly with a pink and gray pair of pants.

“I wasn’t sure which color you preferred, so I grabbed both.”

“I’ll take the gray pair, sir. Thank you.”


After Billy had a gray pair of sweat pants, the kids headed to gym class. When they entered the gym, they noticed that the class was having free time to play with any game that was available. With the classes combined, there wasn’t many games left to play with. Gary noticed that one of the small pool tables were open.

“Hey guys, let’s go over and play some pool.” He said as the two darted over towards the pool table.

“You guys can play first and I’ll take on the winner.” Gary suggested.

“Sounds fair to me” said Billy as he began to rack the balls.

As the game progressed, Nardell was dominating Billy rather easily. As they were playing, they noticed that they were being watched by a group of kindergartners.

“What are those guys up to?” Nardell asked and he sunk the three ball into the side pocket.

Just then the group that had been watching them approached the table.

“Eight ball, corner pocket!” Nardell enthusiastically said as he gently tapped the white ball against the eight ball.

The kids all watched as the ball slowly rolled to the corner of the table. Just as the ball was about to fall in the hole and secure a victory for Nardell, a tiny had grabbed the ball stuffed it into his pocket.

“Eight ball is in my pocket sweet lips.” A little cowboy shouted out.

“Um what in the world to you think you are doing!” Nardell shouted at the little one.

“Whoa, easy there honey buns. I just wanted to come over and introduce myself. My name is Bo Ryan. You might be the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid eyes on.”

“Sorry there little man, but this is just a costume. Just give me back the ball and go play with some blocks or something.”

“My heart must be chocolate because your making it melt.” Bo continued to flirt with Nardell.

“Look, it’s my costume! I’m not really a girl and please quit calling me honey buns!” Nardell tried to reason with the kid.

Before the situation could be resolved, Coach Parker, the gym teacher shouted, “Okay everyone, time to line up.”

The kids all darted to the gym door where Mrs. Coy was waiting.

“Man, we didn’t even get to play that long” Billy complained.

“Now class, quiet down.” Mrs. Coy said as she held her hand in the air to get everyone’s attention. “Mr. Beaker isn’t back yet, so when we get back into the class, I want you to sit in the same spots you were in.”

As the students proceeded back to the classroom, Nardell felt his stomach begin to turn once again. He knew that he had to get to the restroom rather quickly. When they returned to the class, Nardell felt the urgency to get to the restroom and got permission. He ran to the restroom and flung the door open and shut it quickly. He then found himself in a world of trouble. He could not get the zipper undone that Gary had helped him do earlier that morning.

“What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?” Nardell said over and over to himself as he reached behind him in a desperate attempt to unzip himself.

Meanwhile the class was all huddled on the floor. Mrs. Coy was now planned for this many kids and knew that she had to keep them entertained nonstop if the next hour would go well.

“Okay boys and girls, since it is Halloween, why don’t we share some scary stories.”

The kids all cheered.

“Now a scary story needs to be told with the lights turned out.” Mrs. Coy said as she walked over and flipped off the lights.

“Ohhhh!” The class shrieked as they grabbed each other in excitement.

“We also can’t let any sunlight in from the outside either.” Mrs. Coy smiled and pulled the shades closed and turned on the purple Halloween lights that were strung around the classroom. “Now who would like to go first?”

Suddenly there was a knocking sound, but nobody was at the door.

“I’m scared, a little girl whined.”

“Could there really be a ghost?” Gary wondered.

The kids all squeezed close together on the floor.

“Knock! Knock!” The sound came again. Even Mrs. Coy had a look of concern on her face as she quickly got up to turn the lights on. The class all listened closely. Then the sound came again. The students all turned their attention to the bathroom.

“Is somebody knocking on the bathroom door from the inside?” Mrs. Coy said in amazement.

She walked over and answered, “Yes?”

“Um, Mrs. Coy, I had an accident.” The quiet voice came from inside.

“Oh my goodness, are you hurt?” Mrs. Coy questioned.

“No, I just had a little accident.”

Mrs. Coy now recognized the voice as Nardell’s.

“Are you hurt sweetie? What is wrong?”

“Could you just please send someone down to the nurse to get me a change of clothes?” Nardell pleaded trying not to make a scene and let everyone know that he had a major problem.

When Mrs. Coy heard this she panicked and ran to the phone to call the custodian.

“Hello, we have a code brown! Someone left a stinky in their pants! I need someone to get here quick!” She muttered in desperation into the phone.

When Nardell heard this he burst out the door and shouted, “I DIDN’T DO A POO-POO IN MY PANTS! MY DRESS JUST RIPPED! PLEASE HAVE GARY GO TO THE NURSE TO GET ME A CHANGE OF CLOTHES! THANK YOU!” He then quickly turned and rushed into the bathroom hoping that no one saw his undies sticking out of the gaping hole in his dress.

Nardell sat on the on the lid of the toilet and listened closely to see what was going to happen next. All he could hear was the buzzing of the light in the bathroom. Then he heard Mrs. Coy ask Gary to run to the nurse to get Nardell a change of clothes.

“Thank Goodness” Nardell whispered to himself. “At least nobody noticed my underwear sticking out!”