1.) Suki picked 2 pounds of blueberries. Each pound of blueberries costs $1.15. How much money did Suki spend on blueberries?

*You will need to understand how a decimal grid can be used to complete the problem. An example of this problem using a decimal grid is pictured below.

Notice there are two pounds of blueberries. Each pound costs $1.15. Since there are two pounds, there will be $1.15 pictured two times. Check out the images below.


*Notice the grids on the left are completely shaded in. They represent the whole ($1.00). The grids on the right are not completely shaded in. They represent parts of a whole. In this particular problem, they represent .15.


*Since multiplication is repeated addition. You can just add these two groups together. When you add .15 + .15 you will get .30. The you will add the wholes together and get 2. Your final answer should be $2.30.


Please complete the following problems below similar to the model problem. *Do your best to draw your own grids.

1.) Troy had 4 bags of marbles. Each bag weighed .35 pounds. How much did his bags weigh altogether?

2.) Lyla bought 3 bags of bread. Each bag cost $2.23. How much did Lyla spend?

3.) Wes worked for 4 hours. He gets paid $3.04 each hour. How much will Wes make?

Please complete the following multiplication problems using partial products. Use the model problems below for help.

The first model problem will be 1.3 x .8.

Dec Partial 1

Step 1-Multiply .8 (eight tenths) and .3 (three tenths). The answer will be .24 (twenty-four hundredths). When you look at the multiplication example, you notice that you will need to move the decimal twice in this answer (look at the red arrows).

Decimal Part 2

Step 2-Multiply .8 (eight tenths) and 1 (one whole). You will get .8 ( 8 tenths) as an answer. Remember when multiplying, you do NOT line up the decimals! Check the red arrow for decimal placement.

Decimal Part 3

Step 3-You will then add your two products. Remember to line up the decimals when you are adding! Your final answer will be 1.04 (one and four hundredths).

Decimal Part 4

The next model problem will be 1.2 x 1.4.

Decimal Part A

Step 1-Multiply .4 (four tenths) and .2 (two tenths) and get .08 (eight hundredths). Check the red arrows for decimal placement in your answer.

Decimal Part B

Step 2-Multiply .4 (four tenths) and 1 (one whole). You will get .4 (four tenths). Make sure you line up the decimals in the bottom because you will be adding these numbers.

Decimal Part C

Step 3-Multiply 1 (one whole) and .2 (two tenths). Your answer will be .2 (two tenths). Look at the red arrow for decimal placement and line up the decimal with the others.

Fix 1

Step 4-Multiply 1 (one whole) and 1 (one whole). Your answer will be one (one whole). Make sure you put the one on the left side of the decimal because it is a whole.

Fix 2

Step 5-Add up all of the products to get your final answer of 1.68 (one and sixty-eight hundredths).

a Decimal mult

4.) 1.2 x 1.4 = _________________

5.) Hannah drank 7.5 gallons of Stephen's milk out of his mini fridge. He was upset and told her that each gallon costs $4.25. He expected her to pay him back. How much does she owe him?

6.) Adam jogs 13.6 miles per hour. He runs 3.3 hours each day. How many miles does he jog a day?

7.) Which expression has a product of 1.152?

A.) 3.6 x 3.2
B.) 3.6 x 32
C.) 3.6 x .32
D.) 3.6 x 320

8.) James need to make 7 cakes for Gavin's wedding. Each cake needs 4.39 pounds of sugar. How many pounds of sugar does James need?

9.) Francence is going to a concert with some friends. She wants to buy 4 boxes of glow sticks that costs $2.39 each, 3 glow in the dark hair spray bottles at $3.63 each, and two t-shirts that cost $8.75. She estimates that it will cost her about $20.00 for all of these things. Is that reasonable? What will her final total be?

10.) Complete this problem using the area model to find the partial products.

Eliana bought 4.4 packages of frozen yogurt. Each full package weight 4.35 pounds. Eliana wants to know how many pounds of yogurt she has. The area model has been started for you below.

Area Model

11.) 5.4 x 0.65 = ___________________

12.) 4.3 x 24 = __________________

13.) Zeth needs some farming supplies. He will buy 2 pitchforks for $12.34 each, 3 dozen goose eggs for $12.32 a dozen, and a 3 pigs for $22.48. He estimates it will cost $100.00. Is this a good estimate? How much will it cost exactly?

Please use the area model to complete the problem below.

14.) Taye bought 3.5 bags of chicken to prepare for his bodybuilding contest. Each bag weighs 9.78 pounds. He wants to know how many pounds of chicken he has in all.

Complete the problem below using any strategy.

5.43 x 2.3 = ________________________