Part A
The image below shows 3 different fractions that are equivalent. An EQUIVALENT FRACTION is a fraction that has different numerators and denominators, but represent the same value or proportion of a whole.

*Notice how the numerators and denominators are all different. Although they are different they still take up the same amount in each rectangle.

Equivalent Fractions

1.) Find a pattern in the image above by looking at both the numerator and the denominator.

2.) Draw a rectangle. Shade in 3/4 of the rectangle.

3.) Draw another rectangle. Shade in 6/8 of the rectangle.

4.) Explain how these two rectangles are similar. How are they different?

5.) Draw 3 fractions that are equivalent to 1/3.

The image below shows 3 wholes cut up into different amounts. You can read these fractions two ways (Mixed and Fractions greater than one).

*Mixed Fractions identify the wholes first. As you can see on the left side, the large number two can be seen because it states how many whole circles are completely shaded in. Then the whole that is not shaded in is written beside it.

*Fractions greater than one can be identified when the numerator is larger than the denominator. As you can see on the right side, it finds how many pieces each whole is cut into and put that as the denominator. Then it counts EVERY single piece that is shaded in and that would go as the numerator.

Mixed:Fractions Greater than one

5.) Draw four equal sized rectangles. Divide them up into six equal parts. Shade in a certain amount. Then write a mixed fraction and a fraction greater than one that tells how many parts are shaded in your rectangles.

6.) Show 3/2 using circles (Fraction greater than one)

7.) Show 3 1/2 using circles (Mixed Fraction)

Part B (Homework)

1.) Draw 8/3

2.) 2/4 + 1/2 = __________________
*Remember to find the least common denominator!

3.) Which fractions can share a common denominator of 27?

A.) 3/5 and 2/3
B.) 2/12 and 1/4
C.) 13/14 and 3/9
D.) 1/3 and 2/9

4.) Zenae walked 4 1/2 miles yesterday. She walked 1 1/3 miles today. How far has she walked? *Make sure to find least common denominator!

Part C

1.) Which expressions can be represented by the model below?

A.) 1 + 1 + 2/1
B.) 3/4 + 10/16
C.) 1 4/8 + 1 2/8
D.) 12/8 + 10/8
E.) 3/1 + 10/6

L10 Fraction #1

2.) Liam drew a line of chalk that was 4 2/3 feet long. Francene drew a line that was 3 4/6 feet long. How much longer was Liam's line than Francene's?

Which pairs of fractions can be added using the given denominators?

Write a pair of fractions on each blank to show their common denominator.
Example: Common Denominator 16 =two possible fraction choices would be 2/4 and 1/8.

3.) Common denominator 10 __________________________

4.) Common denominator 12 __________________________

Part D (Homework)

1.) Please use a number line to answer the problem below.

Cesar ran 2 3/4 miles yesterday. Ellah ran 7/8 of a mile. How much farther did Cesar run? *Find the least common denominator, then divide your wholes up into that amount.

2.) Kendall checked her apple watch to see how many times she fell asleep today at school. The length of each nap is listed below.

Reading class 1/3 hour
Bathroom 1/12 hour
Art 3/6 hour
Math 2 1/2 hour

How long did she sleep in all today?

3.) Kendall said that she slept more in reading, bathroom, and art combined compared to Math. Do you agree? Explain.

Part E (Morning Work)

1.) 2 4/5 + 1 3/10 = _________________________

2.) 5 1/2 - 3 4/6 = _________________________

3.) Convert 23/6 into a mixed fraction

4.) Convert 4 2/3 into a fraction greater than 1 = ________________

5.) Write the answer below in a mixed fraction and a fraction greater than one.
1/3 + 3/4 + 8/12 + = _______________________

Part F (Homework)
1.) Which expressions can be represented my the model below? Choose ALL that apply.
A.) 10/6 + 7/6
B.) 1 4/6 + 1 1/6
C.) 5/3 + 7/6
D.) 5/6 + 7/12
E.) 1 3/2 + 1 5/1

Lesson 10 Review

2.) Adam drove his battery powered 4 wheeler 3 2/3 miles before the battery died. Wes drove his 1 5/9 of a mile before he crashed into a mailbox. How much farther did Adam drive than Wes?

3.) Name two fractions that can have a common denominator of 8.

4.) Paris makes a list of things she does before coming to school. Here is how long it takes to do each one.....

Shower- 1/12 of an hour
Eat- 1/2 of an hour
Take her fish for a walk -4/6 of an hour
Practice making scary faces - 3/4 of an hour

How long do all these things take to do?

5.) Paris says that she can wake up at 7:00 am, do all of those things listed above, and make it to school before 9:30. Do you agree with her? Explain.