Welcome to the Decimal Numerals page.

When writing decimal numerals, it is important to remember place value.  Also understanding that numbers to the right of the decimal are parts of a whole and numbers to the left of the decimals are whole.

In the first example below (#1), it says thirty-five thousandths.  When you hear thousandths, you should immediately realize that you will need to have three digits on the right side of the decimal.  As you can see, the answer includes a zero in the tenths place.

In the second example below (#2), it says three and two hundred thirty five thousandths.  Whenever you see the word "and" in these problems, a light should go off inside of your head.  This means that is where the decimal goes.

Decimal Numerals

When looking at the next two examples, remember that the whole numbers are to the left of the decimal and the parts of the whole are to the right of the decimal.

Decimals Numeral #2
Decimals Numeral #3

Express your answer in word form.

1.)  90.808

2.) 6.018

3.) .004

Write as a decimal numeral.

4.)  Five and three hundredths

5.) Sixty-seven and sixty-seven thousandths

6.) Four and eight tenths

7.) Three and seventeen hundredths

8.) Fifty thousandths

9.) Three hundred two and eleven hundredths

10.) four hundred fifty thousandths

11.) six and six thousandths