1.) Isaiah's grass grew 1.03 inches on Saturday and .945 on Sunday. How much did his grass grow on those two days?

2.) How much more did it grow on Saturday than Sunday?

3.) Liam's hamster weighs 2.24 pounds, Khordell's hamster weighs 3.003 pounds, and Ricky's chubby hamster weighs 17.045 pounds. What is the total weight of all the hamsters?

4.) What is the weight difference between the heaviest hamster and the lightest hamster?

5.) Which picture below correctly represents 3.76 + .8 on the number line?

Oct 15 A
Oct 15 B
Oct 15 C
Oct 15 D

6.) Complete the number sentence using the number line below.


7.) Draw a number line that models 3.45 + 1.7.