1.) What are the three main types of galaxies?

A.) Spiral, Irregular, Unleaded
B.) Elliptical, Milky Way, Sun
C.) Milky Way, Kit Kat, Nutter Butter
D.) Spiral, Elliptical, Irregular

2.) How does the Sun compare with other stars in the Milky Way?

A.) It is the largest
B.) It is average size
C.) It is one of the smaller stars in the galaxy
D.) It is one of the hottest

3.) How is the Sun different from the moon?

A.) It is round and the moon is oval
B.) It gives off light and the moon reflects light
C.) It has no life and the moon has invasive species
D.) It has a smooth surface and the moon has sandy

4.) How is a meteoroid different from a meteorite?

A.) A meteoroid is on the Earth's surface and a meteorite burns up when entering the Earth's atmosphere.
B.) A meteoroid is a small rock that orbits the Sun and a meteorite is a rock that burnt up when entering the Earth's atmosphere.
C.) A meteoroid is a small rock that orbits the Sun and a meteorite reaches Earth's surface.
D.) A meteoroid is a sedimentary rock and a meteorite is a metamorphic.

5.) Which planets are more dense?

A.) Inner Planets
B.) Outer Planets

6.) What separates the inner and outer planets?

A.) comets
B.) equator
C.) meteorites
D.) asteroids

7.) Which planets are warmer?

A.) Inner
B.) Outer

8.) Which planets take a longer time to make a complete revolution around the Sun?

A.) Inner
B.) Outer

9.) What keeps are planets in orbit around the Sun?

A.) The Sun's gravity
B.) The Moon's gravity
C.) The Earth's gravity
D.) The visible orbit path that each planet follows

10.) Why does the Sun appear to be the largest star in the sky?

A.) because it is the largest
B.) It is closer to Earth so it looks bigger
C.) It is so hot that it makes it look bigger than it is
D.) It is reflecting the moon's light

11.) The moon gives off light.

A.) True
B.) False

12.) Zenae researched that there are much bigger and brighter stars than our Sun. She doesn't understand why she can't see them in the space as easily as she can see the Sun. Which choice below correctly answers her question?

A.) Those stars are on the other side of Earth
B.) Everything looks small to her because she is tall
C.) The Sun is the largest star in space
D.) The Sun is much closer to us than other stars, therefore it looks bigger

13.) Why is the Sun important? Choose all that apply.

A.) It brings heat energy to Earth
B.) It brings light energy to Earth
C.) It brings sound energy to Earth
D.) It allows plants to produce their own food (photosynthesis)

14.) Which planets would most likely sink the fastest if placed in a body of water. Choose the BEST response.

A.) Inner planets because they are rocky
B.) Outer planets because they are the gas giants
C.) Inner planets because they are closer to the Sun
D.) Outer planets would float because some of them have rings that can be used as a floatation device

15.) Which choice is NOT a characteristic of our eight planets in our Solar System?

A.) Have mass
B.) revolve around a star
C.) rotates on an axis
D.) have water