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           Gairball the Hairball


Chapter 1

A Close Encounter

Gary was frozen with fear. He felt the tingle of goose bumps running from his chest and extending out through his entire body. As he stopped his bike in the middle of the overgrown forest path, something told him to turn around. Everyone in his neighborhood had warned him not to go into the woods near Dead Lake, but his curiosity had once again got the best of him.   He gathered up enough courage to turn around, but saw nothing but a tiny path that weaved through the thick forest that had lead up to the deep green lake which he was standing near. He felt relieved, but still had the uneasy feeling that something was there. Something was out in the middle of nowhere watching him. His heart began to race. Nightfall was coming and he knew that he would not be able to find his way home in the dark. Then he noticed a slight movement on the shoreline just below him. Several fish in the water were scrambling. He wondered what they were doing. As he looked closer, a large object was slowly moving from the bottom of the lake. Gary’s heart sank immediately. It was a hand coming towards the surface of the water. He quickly pushed off with his left foot and was pedaling down the path furiously towards his house. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw the head of the creature looking at him. It had thinning dirty gray hair that hung to the shoulders. Its jaw hung down and to the left. Deep black eyes sunk into its bony skull. The sight made Gary panic. He swerved to the left and got his bike caught up in a thorn bush. He frantically tried to pull his bike out, but the vines were tangled in the wheels. He quickly looked back and the creature was completely out of the water and slowly hobbling towards him dragging his left foot behind.   Finally, he yanked the bike out of the brush and not a moment too soon. The creature had closed the gap to within ten feet. Gary gave a thrust with his left foot and began to pedal. Nothing. He was pedaling, but nothing was happening. He heard the clang of the chain of his bike bouncing off of the frame. The chain had popped off. He began to panic and then felt a cold heavy hand touch his shoulder. He turned to a wide open mouth coming right at him……..


Scence 1

BRRING!!!!! BRRING!!!! Gary shot up from his bed as his alarm was going off. “Whoa! What a nightmare that was!” He glanced over at his desk and had a grin from ear to ear. His Halloween cloak was neatly hanging over his chair while his red glow in the dark fangs were sitting on the table. “Today is going to be one to remember” he thought to himself. He instantly threw the covers off of his body and darted towards the bedroom door and into the hallway. “Good Morning, Gairball!” his mother yelled as he flew passed her and into the bathroom. Gairball was Gary’s nickname for a couple of reasons. One, his name was Gary Ball and Two, he was born with a head of hair that made him look like a red headed Albert Einstien, hence the name Gairball the Hairball. Gary had always had kept his hair long and for good reason, the ladies loved it. At least in his mind.

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