October 1st
Please multiply using the Distributive Property

1.) 243 x 23 = _______________________

2.) 345 x 16 = _______________________

Please divide using partial quotients

3.) 4,575 divided by 5 = ______________________

4.) 2,416 divided by 4 = ______________________


1.) Stephen picked 24,435 strawberries last weekend. He put 12 strawberries in small plastic baskets. He tried to make as many baskets of twelve as possible. How many baskets of strawberries did he create? If he ate the leftover strawberries, how many did he eat?

2.) Gavin has a pickle stand. Last week, he brought 148 jars of pickles to sell at his stand. Each jar contained 18 pickles. If he sold 79 jars of pickles, how many pickles did he NOT sell?

3.) Kendall was making candy bags for the class. She had 3,458 skittles and wanted to share them with the 21 students in her class evenly. How many skittles would each student get? Are there any extra skittles left over? How many?

October 2nd
Please multiply using the Distributive Property

1.) 432 x 35 = _____________________

2.) 623 x 16 = _____________________

Please divide using the partial quotients

3.) 3,232 divided by 28 = _____________________

4.) 34,245 divided by 5 = ______________________

October 2-4
1.) Peyton planned on bringing 23 boxes of cupcakes to school today. Each box contained 12 cupcakes. This would be just enough for every 5th grade student at Rymfire. When she arrived at school, she noticed that her Dad's tummy was a little bigger than usual and he had icing all over his shirt. She asked how many he ate. He replied, "Several." When she counted there were only 188 cupcakes. How many did her Dad eat?

2.) After becoming famous for creating spirit t-shirts, Liliana decided to start a business that sold shirts with her art on it. Last night she made 178 packages filled with shirts. Each package has 25 shirts with different logos. If she already has orders to ship out 29 boxes, how many t-shirts remain?

3.) Hannah was looking for someone to do her chores for her when she saw Melody picking weeds at her house. Hannah walked over and asked, "How much do you get paid to do all of that?" Melody replied, "$2.65" Hannah thought for a moment and said, " I can pay you thirteen times that much to do my chores." How much would Melody make from doing Hannah's chores?

4.) 453 x 68 = ___________________________

5.) 34,588 divided by 17 = _____________________

October 5th

1.) Trent averaged 24 points in 128 games last year in the NBA. This year he is averaging 33 points a game in 112 games this year. Did he score more points this year or last year? What is the difference in points?

2.) Cole is trying to be the first person in history to run for 5 days straight without a break. If he averages 12 miles per hour, how far will he run for?

October 6th Homework
1.) Lyla brought in large jars of jelly beans for each student in Mr. Manley and Mrs. Sturman's class. Each jar contained 243 jelly beans. If there are 22 students in Mrs. Sturman's class and 21 in Mr. Manley's class. How many total jellybeans did she bring in? *Please use the area model for multiplication when completing this problem.

2.) Brody began the day with 243 bottles of hair gel to hold up that faux hawk of his. At the end of the day, he had 48 bottles left. If each bottle contained 16 ounces of gel, how many ounces did he use? *Please use the break apart strategy of multiplication when completing this.

October 12th Morning Work
Refer to the Partial Quotients section in I-Ready Unit 1 to complete.

1.) 252 divided by 12 = ________________________

2.) 180 divided by 15 = ________________________

3.) 714 divided by 42 = ________________________

4.) 156 divided by 13 = ________________________

October 12th Homework

1.) Scooby had 132 boxes of Scooby Snacks at the beginning of the year. Since then, he has eaten 84 boxes. If each box has 24 scooby snacks inside, how many scooby snacks remain?

2.) Scooby wants to package the remaining snacks into smaller bags. How many bags of 12 can he make with the remaining snacks?

3.) Please go the the Partial Quotients section in I-Ready Unit 1 to practice the area model. There are two problems there.

October 13th Morning Work
Please show two different ways to complete this problem
1.) 504 divided by 24 = ________________________

October 13th Homework

1.) 1.3 x 0.6 = __________________

2.) 6 X 8.29 = ________________

3.) 9.72 x 7 = ___________________

October 14th Homework
*Please refer to Multiplying Decimals page
1.) 2.4 x 1.3 =_________________

2.) 3.5 X 1.7 = ________________

3.) 4.3 x 3.2 = ________________

October 15th Homework is to complete the L7 Quiz Prep Tab on the Home page.

October 17th-18th Voluntary work

*Voluntary homework will be posted throughout the weekend. Assignment are listed below. This is not mandatory.

-Complete the L8 Quiz Prep-there are now 10 questions
-Complete L9 Quiz Prep

October 19th Homework

Please complete using the area model.

1.) 2.43 x 2.5 = _________________

Multiply (use any method you would like). Please show your work.

2.) 6.78 x .89 = __________________

Please divide using partial quotients.

3.) 1540 divided by 70 = _________________

4.) 64.48 divided by .8 = _________________

October 22nd Homework

1.) Katie drank 23.5 ounces of water this morning and 16.5 ounces in the afternoon. If she wants to double her water intake tomorrow, how much will she need to drink?

1a.)If she wants to split up her intake into 4 different drinking sessions equally, how many ounces should she drink each time?

2.) 00.6 x 4.3 = ______________________

3.) 3.45 divided by 10 = ____________________

4.) .034 x 10 to the fourth power = _________________

5.) 3,818 divided by 46 = _______________________

October 26th Homework (optional)

-Go to U2 Quiz Reviews and complete L1 Quiz Prep

October 27th Homework
-Go to U2 Quiz Reviews and complete Part B in L1 Quiz Prep

October 28th Homework
-Please complete Part D in Unit 2 Quiz Review (Lesson 1 Prep)

-Go back into Unit 1 for review and complete
L1 Quiz Prep #'s 11-12
L2 Quiz Prep #'s 7-8
L3 Quiz Prep #'s 9-10
L4 Quiz Prep #'s 9-10
L5 Quiz Prep # 7

October 29th Homework
-Please complete Part F in Unit 2 Quiz Review (Lesson 1 Quiz Prep)