Team Manley knocks down 42 as Rymfire's scoring leader Abigail Patterson drops 6 more to push her season total to 48.

Team Youngman cruises to win by scoring 30

Team Main and Team Gonzalez battle to an entertaining 24-24 tie

Team MacDonald edges Team Cavaliere 12-6 to win the Cotton Candy Classic

Team Manley shatters several records as they score 60 lead by Abigail Patterson's 24 points

Team Long hits 6 pointer at the end of regulation to avoid losing to Team Cormier; ends in 15-15 tie

Team Cormier and Team Long end in a 15-15 tie

Team White continues dominance as they head to the championship game by dropping 15 points

Team Cavaliere scores 9; falls to Team White

Team Gonzalez erupts for 24 against Team Main

Team Main comes up short against Team Gonzalez; scores 18

Team Cairns finishes off Team Youngman 24-15

Team Youngman puts up a good fight, but not enough as Team Cairns moves to the next round with 24-15 win

"Air" Jordan Long leads Team Manley's high flying scoring attack as they score 42

Team J. Cavaliere continues to show improvement as they drop 9

Team Jaques has tough shooting day, drops 3 against Team Baumert

Team MacDonald puts on a clinic as they pound Team Kucharski 18-6 and advance to the championship

Coach K "bummed" after poor shooting performance; scores 6 against Team MacDonald

Team White marches on; defeats Team Gonzalez to advance to next round

Led by Zain Clements, Team Main scores 12

Team Long soars for 18 points lead by the hot hand of Anna Greenwood

Team Cavaliere squeaks by Team Bradley 9-6

Coach Cairns ejects own player for excessive talking, then drops 24

Team Baumert shows improvement, but Team Detro's season high 12 points takes them down

Team Cormier upset by Team Cavaliere 9-6 in tournament opener

Team MacDonald fights through tough shooting day, drops 6 in Round 1

Team Detro drops 12 on undefeated Team Cormier in opening round

Team Cavaliere pulls off biggest upset of the season; takes down mighty Team Cormier to earn first win of year

Team Kucharski explodes for 18 points in Round 1 of tournament

Team Bradley drops 6 in beginning of tournament; awaits team Cavaliere

Team Manley frustrated after only dropping 12 in the tournament opener

Team Detro erupts for season high 12 points against Team Baumert

Team Jaques drops 9 in attempt to give Team Kucharski their first loss of season

Team Cairns and Youngman end the championship in a tie 27-27

In a game with more questions than answers, both teams left the game not knowing if they had won or not.  When Coach Cairns confronted Youngman, he asked, "Do you know what the white line on the floor is for?"  The question was aimed at many of her players for shooting in front of the line.

Youngman replied with one hand on hip while the other waving aimlessly in the air, "With the length of these new lashes, I can't see the floor!"

As Youngman watched the Cairns game film, she asked with several finger wags and head snaps, "Why do I only see the tops of heads?  These could be Santa's elves for all I know!"

Cairns reply to her comment was, "Look, it took me an hour and 15 minutes to figure out how to record the game (although it was Cairns fourth time in Roadrunner Gymnasium). I was afraid to mess with the camera once it started rolling."

Without hesitating, Youngman smacked her lips and put her hand in Cairns face as if she was saying, "Child Please!"  Unfortunately, one of her nails flew off and grazed Cairns retina.  Fortunately, she had her nurse passes and was able to send him to Ms. Kia promptly.

After a brief rest and some crackers, Coach Cairns was able to make a full recovery.

Both teams will be credited as co-champions and receive Snow Cone bonuses for their achievements.

Team Cairns scores 27, awaits Team Youngman results

Team Cairns continues dominance, headed to the title game with 24-12 win

Team Long comes close to 18 pointer at the buzzer, but can't match Team Cairns

Team MacDonald falls short in title game, loses 21-15

Team Kucharski drops in 21 in title game, awaits results of Team MacDonald

Team Cormier stays hot, drops 15 on Team Baumert to get the "W"

Team Cavaliere falls short to Team Detro 9-3

Team Manley drops 36 in 3rd game of the Season

Team Detro squeaks by Team Baumert 9-6 to earn first win of season

Team Detro falls short to Team Baumert 6-3

Ms. Moore scores 12 in the Strategy Ball Celebrity Game

Team Cairns fires in 42 points in second round

Team Main puts up 12 in the second round of the tourney, waits for the results of Team Cairns to see if it will be enough

Team Long enjoys bye week by cruising to 12 points, next up is Powerhouse Team Cairns

Team White continues to impress by dropping 9, waits for results of Team Youngman

Coach Youngman survives ball to the head to lead team to championship, defeats Team White 15-9

Wild Hair, don't care, Team Gonzalez dances their way to 15

Team Acosta squeaks by Team Gonzalez as they score 18 to earn their first victory of the season

Team Cavaliere scores 12 to get their first win of the season over Team Bradley

Team Kucharski rolls on to championship game with 21-15 win over Team Jaques

Team J. Cavaliere gets hot late to score 6, awaits the results of Team MacDonald as winner heads to championship to face Team Kucharski

Team MacDonald heads to the championship after defeating J. Cavaliere 15-6

Team Jaques drops 15 in Round 2, hopeful that will be enough to make it to the championship

Team Hill scores 6, not sure if it will be enough to hold off team Cormier

Team Manley Coach goes missing, find random man to lead them and score 36

Team White's Kammari ends the first week of play with an 18 pointer


Entering this week's tournament, Team White didn't know what to expect.  They had never played Strategy Ball before.  Knowing that they were going against a tough, well taught Bradley Team, it wasn't looking very promising.

All that changed when White's Kammari stepped to the line to attempt his first shot.  He calmly answered the math question, took aim at the 18 point  basket, and shot the ball with a gentle touch.  Team White couldn't believe what they saw next.  The ball hit the rim, popped up into the air, and went straight down the middle of the hoop.  Team White went into a frenzy.  Shortly after that, Yodany sank a 6 pointer that would give Team White the win over Team Bradley 24-18.

Team Bradley lights it up with 18 points, but loses on incredible shot by White's Kammari

Team Gonzalez hits 15, but not enough as Team Long moves to the next round

Team Long shoots their way to the final four, scores 24

Team Acosta/Manley catch fire late to force tiebreaker game on Monday with Team Youngman

Team Youngman scores 21 to stay even with Acosta/Manley

Team C. Cavaliere has off shooting day as Team Cairns cruises to a 21-9 victory

Team Cairns looks solid in opening game of the Season

Although on a Bye Week, Team Main makes statement scoring a 4th grade high 24 points

Team Manley erupts for 42, then disqualified from the tournament for excessive celebrating

Coming into the tournament, Team Manley didn't disappoint as they dropped 42 points this afternoon.  Led by Patrick, Camrey, Olivia, and Brody (9 points each) and Jordan, Jocelyn, Zaiydan, and Randy (6 points each) the team looked as good as advertised.  It wasn't their skills that was lacking, but their lack of discipline.

Virtually after every basket made the team would celebrate as the crowd cheered on.  Although they knocked themselves out of the tourney, the crowd seemed to appreciate the dance moves.

"I think they should allow them to dance!" one of the members in the student section suggested.  "That was my favorite part of the game" another fan shouted.

"We will continue to dance after every basket made!" Coach Manley stated.  "It's what we do."

After a fast start, Kucharski's squad goes cold down the stretch

Most coaches would be happy opening up the season with a 15 point performance, but as Coach K fired a snack pack in disgust when the timer was winding down, she didn't have to say a word to her team. The pudding was on the wall.   "We just didn't finish strong" Coach K said in a brief statement before going after a heckler in the student section.

Led by several players with 3 points apiece. The team hopes that their total of 15 points will be enough against a young and hungry team led by Coach Hill.  Coach Hill's team will play later this week.

Team Hill plays great,  but can't match Team Kucharski

Final Score 15-9

Team Detro drops 3 in first game

Team MacDonald scores 18 to advance to the next round

Team Baumert masters their facts, but struggles to score points

Team J. Cavaliere has impressive first day by scoring 9

Team Cormier scores 12 on opening day

Team Cormier wasn't sure how they would do in their first game at Strategy Ball since they had never played before, but after a slow beginning to the game, Coach Cormier seemed to be pleased.  "Wow, that was a lot of fun! Especially with 2 other classes in the room at the same time as we were.  Next game I hope we can cram 5 in here!"

Team Cormier awaits the results of their rival, Team J. Cavaliere, which will play later this week.

Jaques' Class Ignites for 30 Points in Opening Game

Playing in their first game of the year, Mrs. Jaques' class surprised many by setting a record high in points scored by any 2nd grade class in Strategy Ball history.  Led by Paul (9 points), this class showed that they are instant favorites to win the Snow Cone classic.  Their competitor (Mrs. Baker's class) will take their shot at taking down Jaques and her crew later this week.