1.) What force attracts the Earth and other planets in orbit around the Sun?

A.) Push
B.) Repel
C.) Gravity
D.) Galaxy

2.) What object would take the most force to move?

A.) Basketball
B.) Marble
C.) Bowling Ball
D.) Tennis Ball

3.) Which object would travel the farthest if you applied 50 N of force to it?

A.) Basketball
B.) Marble
C.) Bowling Ball
D.) Tennis Ball

4.) If a planet has a larger mass, the gravitational pull would be ________________________ than a planet with a smaller mass.

A.) Weaker
B.) Stronger

5.) If you were on the moon, you would weigh ______________ than if you were on Earth.

A.) More
B.) Less

6.) Kayla was moving a furniture this weekend. She realized that the furniture slid across her tile floor than her carpet. Why did it slide easier across the tile floor?

A.) The friction was greater on the tile
B.) The force of Newtons were greater on the tile
C.) There was less friction on the tile
D.) The force of Newtons was less on the tile

7.) Which is an example of a balanced force?

A.) A teeter-totter with Mr. Manley on one side and a 3-pound baby on the other
B.) A person sitting in a chair
C.) A tug-of war match in which one side is pulling the other side across the line
D.) A book falling off of a table

8.) The more _______________ an object has, the less effect a given force will have on the object's motion.

A.) hair
B.) length
C.) mass
D.) luster

9.) If 50 N are applied to the top of an object, 25 N are applied to each side, and 75 N are applied to the bottom, what direction will the object travel?

A.) Left
B.) Right
C.) Down
D.) Up

10.) Allison is moving her dresser across her room. She was having a hard time sliding it because it was full of clothes. Then, she took all of the clothes out and continued to push with the same force as before. How does removing the clothes affect the motion of the dresser?

A.) The mass decreased, making the dresser move faster.
B.) The gravity is increased, making the dresser move slower.
C.) The friction is increased, making the dresser move slower.
D.) The mechanical energy is decreased, making the bookcase move faster.