1.)  Rihanna was accepting donations at Publix this past weekend.  On Friday, she collected $74.00.  On Saturday, she collected $289.00.  On Sunday, she gathered $185.00.  How much money did she collect this weekend?

1a.)  If she combined her Friday and Sunday totals, how much more money would she need to reach Saturday's total?

2.)  Mandy went to get a haircut last week.  When she was finished, she was charged $74.68.  If she gave the clerk $100.00, how much change would she receive?

3.)  Giles purchased 6 candy bars.  If each candy bar cost $3.00, how much did he spend?

4.)  Serenity picked 6,343 flowers.  If there were 10,000 out in the field before she picked them, how many are there now?

5.)  Kaleeb breeds dogs.  If 25 dogs have 3 puppies each, how many puppies will he have?


6a.)  Josiah received 6 LOL doll eggs from Mariah.  Each egg had 4 dolls inside.  Taye begged Josiah to give him some, so Josiah gave him 5 dolls.  How many dolls does Josiah have left?

6b.) If each egg cost $7.00, how much did Mariah spend?

6c.)  If Mariah paid with a $50.00 bill, how much change would she receive?

6d.)  After Josiah gave Taye 5 dolls, three more friends asked for dolls.  Josiah decided to keep 7 for himself and divide the rest up equally among his 3 friends.  How many dolls would each friend get?

7a.)  Idris went on an Easter egg hunt last year.  He found 3 eggs.  One egg had .63, another had .88, and the last egg had $1.24.  How much money did he have from the eggs?

7b.)  He went to the store and spent .47 on a lollipop.  How much money does he have left?

8a.) Steve was selling watermelons for $9.00 each.  Violet bought 8 of them.  How much money did Violet spend?

8b.)  Violet decided to cut each of her watermelons in fourths.  What fraction of watermelon does Violet have?

8c.) If Violet sells 17 pieces of watermelon, what fraction of her watermelon did she sell?

9.)  Randy went to the movies every day for 9 days.  It cost him $6.00 each time he went.  How much did Randy spend?

10a.)  Peyton bought a toy the cost $1.89, a basketball for $23.15, and a pack of gum for .53. How much did she spend in all?

10b.) If she gave the clerk at the store $30.00, how much change would she receive?

11a.)  Burt has farmland that he wants to put a fence around.  If it is a square piece of land and one side is 90 yards long, how much fencing does he need?

11b.)  If it costs $3.00 for each yard of fencing, how much money would it cost him?

12a.) Peyton received 3 birthday cards.  Each card had 25 dollars. How much money did she get on her birthday?

12b.) Peyton spent $23.45 of her birthday money.  How much does she have left?