1.) If an object with a positive charge comes in close contact with an object that has a negative charge the objects will _____________________.

A.) attract
B.) fight
C.) absorb
D.) repel

2.) Objects that have similar charges (positive-positive or negative-negative) will ____________________ if they come in close contact.

A.) attract
B.) fight
C.) absorb
D.) repel

3.) When light energy hits an object and bounces off it is ______________________.

A.) reflecting
B.) refracting
C.) absorbing
D.) pitching

4.) When an object takes in light energy it is _________________

A.) absorbing
B.) refracting
C.) reflecting
D.) sponging

5.) When light energy goes through and object (such as water) and usually causes the light to bend it is known as _____________________.

A.) absorbing
B.) refracting
C.) reflecting
D.) bending

6.) Name all of the energies a roller coaster exhibits when moving along its track.

A.) Sound
B.) Kinetic
C.) Mechanical
D.) Potential
E.) Open circuit

7.) If an electrical circuit is closed, electricity can flow and turn on things such as lights.

A.) True
B.) False

8.) Kendall said that an open circuit should allow a flow of electricity because it opens things up, but Lyla said that a closed circuit would allow the flow of electricity because there would be no openings in the circuit. Who is correct?

A.) Kendall, because Lyla wears glasses and people that wear glasses can never be trusted.
B.) Lyla, because Kendall barks into empty toilet paper rolls
C.) Lyla, because a circuit that is closed allows electricity to flow through
D.) Kendall, because an open circuit would allow things to pass through

9.)Which of these objects is chemical energy? Choose all that apply.

A.) Food
B.) water
C.) Gas
D.) Battery
E.) spoon

10.) Which is NOT an example of energy creating change?

A.) Sound vibrating salt on a table
B.) Heat melting wax
C.) Electricity allowing microwave to warm water
D.) A battery in a sitting inside a toy car

11.) Moving water is what type of energy?

A.) Heat
B.) Electric
C.) Kinetic
D.) pitch